One of the most effective ways to fight poverty and bolster poor communities is through investing in education. Girls who pursue secondary education are also at a significantly lower risk of engaging in crime or falling victim to human trafficking. Simply building new schools is not enough. The trick is to find ways to keep teachers and students regularly attending school.

Children in Jharkhand, India have little opportunity. Due to poverty, many children in Jharkhand lack funds to attend school and often boys are sent to school over the girls. Many children are forced into adult labor, such as working in agriculture, graphite mines, brick kilns or stone quarries. Girls who are more likely to not attend school are more susceptible to being trafficked.

Jharkhand is emerging as India's trafficking hub, where thousands of tribal girls and boys are being trafficked to Delhi and neighboring countries. Jharkhand is also one of India's leading states for child marriage. Girls not enrolled in school are often forced into marriage as minors by their families. 40% of families in Jharkhand lack access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Over a third of children are malnourished. Pakur, Jharkhand is considered the least literate district of India. Education plays a key role to the opportunity and livilihood of children in Pakur, Jharkhand. 

Everett Mission is a ministry dedicated to serving the children at high risk, the "untouchables" and are often rescuing children from the streets if they are not already arriving on their doorstep with no where to turn. Alex Sam and his wife, Sunita have built a wonderful reputation in their community - loving the broken and restoring them through the love of Christ. Alex and Sunita strive to not only rescue, shelter, and love these children, but help to educate the children and seek families in the community for them. 

In India, Christian private schools have some of the best performing results for children and the community even amidst much cultural opposition. Everett Mission greatly needs your prayers. Alex Sam and Sunita dream of building an orphan home to house more abandoned children with an on-site educational Center. They need your help to accomplish this dream. 

Pictures below are architectural drafts of the orphan home & educational center site plan, includes auditorium, separate girl & boy dormitrories, school building, staff quarters and playground.  

Rescue Stories

His name is Suraj. He was found on the street and now he has home with us. He is just 5 year old, as per Suraj, his mother died and now he is missing his father and he was begging on street for foods daily. He needs sincere prayers. We are hoping to reunite him with his family. For now he rests in our care. 
Rebecca & Solomon, brother and sister Solomon were abandoned and arrived at Alex's doorstep on Feb.12 2014. Today, they are healthy and well taken care of in a loving home environment. The photo on the left shows the siblings the first day they were received by Everett Mission. The photo on the right shows Rebecca and Solomon with Alex singing a special song on Palm Sunday. They are growing, passed their exams with other kids and promoted to the next grade. They praise God for the change in their life. We also rejoice with them. Rebecca is taking. Dance class and Solomon is taking Keyboard class.
God gave us this boy through Child Welfare Committee, Pakur, that we can find his home and restored back to family. We really enjoy finding homes for abandoned children -  restoring and reuniting them with family. His name is Dilip Kumar Yadav and his father name is Ashok Kumar Yadav, age about 12 years, he can write only these two names, he is special need child with hearing and speaking difficulties. Please pray for him and pray for him to be reunited with his father.