Dr. Tom J. Harle
President Health Teams International (Canada)

“ Pastor Alex has hosted two of our Health Teams International mission trips to India over the last 10 years. In that capacity we have found him to be a wonderful man of God with the utmost in integrity, ingenuity and resourcefulness. His ministry is having a significant lasting impact on the lives of those he leads and cares for. I am proud to call Alex my friend.”

Brother Jesaja and family

"In June 2012 our family visited mr Alex Sam in his home town to meet him and to get to know the ministry. Since then we’ve followed up the work that goes on in Pakur, India, and we’ve been in regular contact with him.

Based on our experiences we’ve seen that mr Alex Sam is truly devoted to his work for the benefit of the children. It’s very clear that he wants to help orphans and this is his driving motive for all he does.

An important matter that I greatly respect is that mr Alex Sam wants to educate the oprhans and also his workers. I agree with him that education is one of the main keys to better life for each person and also benefits the community by preparing knowledgeable people to take responsibility and leadership. 

For a westener India alone is an overwhelming experience. Taking care of orphans there has many challenges starting with every-day-issues to administrationand economy. Despite of the challenges we met happy children who were together like a family. I respect the strength of mr Alex Sam navigating through problems without burdening the children.

The ministry has never been receiving regular financial support and it’s a miracle that it’s been running and growing for years. Mr Alex Sam’s goal is to make the functions more self supporting which is a great goal. Together with regular and budgeted financial support the work has a huge potential!"