Something to consider and pray

Dear Partners in Mission

Greetings from Pakur, 

I know, we have just sent news update, and this would be too earlier for another one, but couldn't stop sharing, I and Sunita were on tears today after we met this lady loving her children but still want to give away her kids....

Today a women came to admit her two sweet little children, Manish is a boy of 6 year and Mampi is girl of 4 year old, their story, her husband left them and married another women, he has abandoned the whole family, the mother has no job, or any high qualification, her parents also not able to support her, she loves the children and have been taking care of kids from last 2 year by herself, now she is unable to take care of the children, so she wants to admit both of them to orphanage.

We are happy that she knew about us and came directly to talk with us, I and Sunita talked and prayed  with her, she says she don't have other choice, she loves children but she is not able to feed and educate them.

We would like to help her, by keeping these two children in our home for 4 years for education not as orphans but as hostel kids, else Govt. will separate kids from mother if we admit them as orphan or get surrender certificate, then help her to get B.Sc in Nursing as she was good in studies, she has completed her 12 in Science subject, in these way we could give a fruitful and wonderful future for all family.

just a thought:-  what if we could not help her, she is already confused and going through hardship, she will leave her children to any orphanage, most probably cannot see them back, she can end her life in prostitute, (That's what happen in our region) as even her own family is not able to take care of her.

if we could manage to help her, children will get education at our home for  4 years  by this time she will complete her education and surely she will get wonderful job as nurse, she can take care of herself and children, family will be reunited, she will surely help other women in future with such condition, 

Please pray and consider....