Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel!

Dear Friends in Mission

 Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel!

 I personally want to thank God for all provisions to be in Jerusalem again during Feast of Tabernacle and serve the kids, it was great to see old faces growing up and new faces showing up, learning songs, craft then lessons from the Bible, this year theme was Fruit of the Spirit.

 Thanks for all your prayers and support, we will continue you also in our prayers. We rejoice as our prayer are answered, we always prayed local community to stand up for the work we do, we had our town magistrate Birthday Party at our home with all kids, Doctors, and some judicial member attended the same, praising our God and ministry we do.

We could place unnamed girl of 14 years old with special need as well deaf & dumb to mental care, she jumped from the vehicle to rescue herself from few people carrying her for flesh trade, she was in lonely place unconscious, found by local police at brought to us, we are still looking for her parents or relatives, pray that we may find and reunite her.

After that incident we could restore 13 girls age of 13-16 back to their families, they were rescued by our police from human trafficking taking them to train for flesh trade, we praise God that these girls were rescued before anything happen to them.  

We have special request, we are holding 2 Trauma Informed trainings, one in South India another in North India, this is specially for Orphan caregivers, leaders and workers related to children ministry, we are having this trainings with partnership of Lamb International, Canada, please pray for the all provisions!

We will have special message regarding Orphan Care on Indian TV on 2 & 6 Nov. by Rev. Mathews Vattiprolu, a special prayer will be appreciated by you all.

 Praise report: -

Praise God for the best result, selection and admission of our kids at Model School

Praise God for all safety

Praise God for His provisions for family and ministry

Praise God for all provision for Israel trip through friends.

Prayer points:-

Pray for upcoming leadership meeting at Hyderabad on 12 Oct. for creating orphans network.

Pray for Trauma Informed Trainings (provisions)

14-16 October 2015, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh

20-22 October 2015, Patna, Bihar

Pray for upcoming program for Orphan Sunday, Message TV by Rev. Mathews Vattiprolu

Pray for the permission of FCRA from Home Ministry of India

Pray for our family

Pray for our land & building project

Pray for upcoming travels to Switzerland for World Without Orphans Leadership Meet.

Pray for all the provisions and protections from the Lord