Raising funds for Christmas Evangelical Programs

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Dear Friends in Mission

Greetings from Everett Mission, Pakur!

As the month of December is approaching, I and Sunita had much stress with our school status then it increased by few questions, how we will buy cloths, sandals, special meals, many program? even though we understand that God is our provider yet we get into stress and worried, we started praying with children and shared with few friends, to be honest when it comes to finance, we really have few friends supporting us, many times we think and praise God for you, what would happen if you were not helping us, one of the friend wrote me this which I would like to share with you.

"God has spoken promises over you; He’s put dreams in your heart. It may seem too big, too unlikely, and you don’t think you have the talent, the connections. You may not, but God does. You and God are a majority. He’s already put your name on that dream. You just have to believe that it’s already yours." 

This was really wonderful to read, read and read it again, that God is with me, we do what He wants us to do, suddenly after these words, we got another news that God has blessed us with a donation through our beloved ministry friend couple in which a portion is designated for children's gifts for all 20 of the children we serve. I and Sunita have decided we will buy them one pair of cloth with games item they love and choose. I have heard about Thanks giving on coming Thursday and about giving Tuesday on December 1, please consider if God directs you towards our ministry.

"Where God leads, He meets needs, where God guides, He provides"