Prayer for Orphan Sunday

Dear Friends in Mission

Greetings in Savior's Name!

We take time to thank God and you for your earnest prayers for my family and God given ministry to us, all kids are doing well in their studies & health, we always have evening prayers for our ministry and the request we receive from our friends, if not also we do pray for you.

We had wonderful Trauma training in both locations, we excepted for more to attend but we are happy and thanking God for the chosen delegates by God Himself, keep praying for them that the training will impact their way of taking care of these precious fatherless children.

I have sent an urgent prayer letter before stating that we have notice through newspaper to close down our school, as we don't fulfil the criteria of land, buildings, playgrounds etc. we have decided to close our school for now and begin again as Lord Almighty provides the land and buildings in future. This situation will affect our financial conditions, so we are looking for friends to support our family and ministry on monthly basis commitments, till we start something again to sustain our family and ministry.  

we have one more new boy name Suraj, age 5 years, found on the street, shivering by cold in night, brought to us by local police, please pray that he finds his family again.

Please pray for Orphan Sunday this year in India as well other parts of the world, we will have special message regarding Orphan Care on Indian TV on 2 & 6 Nov. by Rev. Mathews Vattiprolu, a special prayer will be appreciated by you all. 

 Praise report: -

Praise God for all safety and provisions for family and Ministry

Praise God for all meetings including both Trauma trainings

Praise God for the day called Orphan Sunday

Prayer points:-

 Pray for upcoming program for Orphan Sunday, Message TV by Rev. Mathews Vattiprolu

Pray for the permission of FCRA from Home Ministry of India

Pray for our family

Pray for our land & building project

Pray for all the provisions and protections from the Lord

Pray for Christmas gifts for all children and staff.

Pray for special Gospel meetings during Christmas