EMCT’s founder, Alex Sam, grew up in Emmanuel Orphanage and lived a pathetic life in the streets of Mumbai for many years. God brought him back to the orphanage as a prodigal son. After completing his Biblical studies, he worked with the same institution for several years in different capacities. Alex’s wife, Sunita Marandi, also grew up in the same orphanage because her parents were unable to care for her. They both heard God calling them to start an independent ministry among the tribal community of India. They chose Pakur to be their base location. Hence the foundation of Everett Mission was established by God’s grace and the prayers of many friends. God has blessed them with three kids—Abraham, Angie, and Grace.

Alex Sam and his wife, Sunita

Alex and his kids


Everett Mission Charitable Trust (EMCT) is a non-profit Christian organization and seeks your prayer and support to lift up the poor and needy.


Reaching out with God’s love and hope to make a difference among the hopeless. 


EMCT is a community of Christ-centered individuals that reaches out to the orphaned, destitute, and marginalized, especially the tribal through...

  • „„The Love of Jesus Christ
  • „„Protecting children’s human rights to survival and physical, mental, and social development in order to reach their full potential
  • „„Serving as a model through our ministries to bring communities together