Serving the Broken in Jharkhand

~ a major source area for intra-country trafficking in India


Thousands of girls have gone missing in Jharkhand

Over 20,000 children are trafficked every year from Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh

Everyone is valuable to God

Everett Mission Charitable Trust (EMCT) is a non-profit Christian organization working among various groups of people, especially among the tribal community in the Pakur region of Jharkhand state. EMCT has compassion for this elusive and vulnerable people, sharing the meaning of life with them. Our mission is to serve "the least of these" or also known in India as the "untouchables".

Without help, orphan children deemed as the lowest are frequently sold into the flesh trade of human trafficking. The mission is to rescue these children and find loving families in the local community for them. Alex Sam, founder of Everett Mission and his wife, Sunita open their arms and home to orphan children, who are often left on their doorstep. Everett mission provides food, shelter, education, trauma counseling and love to the broken - giving these children value and opportunity often for the first time. 

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Grace Outreach:

Raising funds for Orphan Home & Educational Center

One of the most effective ways to fight poverty and bolster poor communities is through investing in education, particularly that of girls. Girls who pursue secondary education are also at a significantly lower risk of engaging in crime or falling victim to human trafficking.

Architectural drafts of the proposed Everett Mission orphan home & educational center

Give hope and opportunity to the least of these:

Project Untouchable 

Read Alex Sam's story - an orphan's journey in India. Purchase "The Wide Roads of Mumbai" here to support Everett Mission.

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